Bull Bars and Nudge Bars

The bull bar has been specifically designed to provide the best 4x4 frontal protection against the harsh conditions of the Australian Outback. It is ideal for those who find themselves in rural and more remote areas with risks of animal strikes, where grille and brush guards simply won’t suffice. Bullbars in Tasmania offer quality protection compatible with most 4WDs, while never compromising the design and functionality of your vehicle.




There is a range of available options, from the practical commercial styles to the sleek deluxe ranges, with the most popular being the highly regarded ARB bull bars. Engineered to the highest standards for top strength and reliability, they replace the standard bumper entirely. With durable steel construction, vehicle specific design and an air bag compatible mounting system, it ensures maximum functionality for your vehicle. The bull bar takes into account the design of the vehicle, as well as the approach angles, frontal crush characteristics and accessory fitment to make sure it provides top performance for your vehicle.


Vehicles equipped with ARB bull bars in Tasmania will be ready for any adventure they may face, with the durable steel construction providing the best protection for your 4x4. Designed to complement the contours of specific models and with a resilient powder coat finish that can be colour coded to match your vehicle, you never have to compromise on style.


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