One of the must-have luxury items for any off road car is a fridge or a fridge/freezer. They are invaluable for when you want to go camping or even if you are just out for the day, making your overall experience a happier one. There is nothing better than relaxing after a long day driving with fresh food and a cold drink.


Fridges can run off a range of different power sources from the 12v supply from your car or mains supply. This allows them to be removed from out of your car and use them at your campsite, making them highly versatile and irreplaceable.


In car fridges and fridge/freezers come in a range of sizes from the smallest 20L capacity to a massive 78L, making it perfect for large family day outs. They are also very robust, sporting compact designs and tough materials. This allows car fridges to successfully survive bumps and humps in the road.


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