When going off-road or tackling all types of tough terrain, you have to possess the correct tools to make sure your drive is safe and as enjoyable as possible. Visibility and the weather can change almost immediately in Tasmania and you have to be prepared, especially when you are in remote locations. Therefore it is extremely important that you have the correct driving lights. There are a huge variety of car lighting options from cheap halogen lights and fog lights to the more sophisticated LED light bars.


Different types of lights will fulfil different needs. For example, when driving in the dark, flat bush roads, you need to be able to see far into the distance, for any wildlife or any obstacles. In this situation LED lights are better suited as they have a greater range than standard halogen lamps.


Due to the huge variety in driving lights, there are endless options you can select to fit your requirements. Here at North West Off-Road we strive to help you make the right choice, and if you need something that we don’t have in stock, we will do our utmost to source it for you.


If you have any queries or questions about your driving light selection, please feel free to visit us in store or contact us via phone or email