Roof Racks

Sometimes there just isn’t enough space in your car and no matter what you do – your things just won’t fit! One great solution that utilises free space is a roof rack. Whether its extra luggage you need to haul or larger items such as kayaks or bikes, a roof rack can be adapted to suit your needs.


They come in a range of styles, from the very simple, such as the rack bars, to the more complex, weather resistant and aerodynamic roof box. Here at North West Off-Road in Tasmania we supply a range of different roof racks from the best and most well known companies including ARB 4x4 accessories, Rhino Rack and Thule. Not only will we supply you with these great and affordable racks, we will also fit them for you, removing all of the hassle and worry of fitting it correctly.


The different styles of roof boxes have their distinct advantages and disadvantages. A simple roof rack has the advantage over other styles with its incredible versatility and huge carrying load. However, there is a downside as your items are completely exposed to the elements and is aerodynamically less stable, potentially affecting fuel consumption. A roof box is in complete contrast to this, where by your goods are completely protected but there is less space.


To enquire about our full range of roof boxes, feel free to pop into our store or Contact us by phone or email.