Travelling across this outback can be both unforgettable and life rewarding.  The bush however, can be an extremely dangerous place, especially if you fail to prepare sufficiently.  With huge areas of unpopulated land and sparse water and food supply, getting stuck with no way of getting help is the worst scenario possible. Therefore, when going off road it is imperative that you have recovery gear in case the worse should happen and you get stranded in a remote location.


While the initial outlay for a good recovery kit might seem a lot, the cost compared to having your car recovered or the safety of your loved ones compromised, it is cheap in comparison.


Complete recovery kits can be bought in Tasmania whole or you can compose your own. A good recovery kit will contain a winch, recovery straps, high lift jacks, chains, shackles, a shovel, a bush saw and sand mats. With this basic equipment you should be able to get yourself out of most of the trouble you will encounter.


While having all the gear is well and good, you must have an understanding on how to use it. 4WD training courses are available to teach you all of the basics to going off road, which could prove invaluable.


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