GQ to GU Hub Nut Upgrade kit

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Part Number: NISCHWS
Application: Nissan Patrol GQ - with Hub Nut Tool
GQ to GU Hub Nut Upgrade kit


A kit that allows you to upgrade the GQ to the more advanced wheel bearing locking nut system as included standard on the GU. When changing or adjusting wheel bearings, jack the vehicle off the ground, remove the hub & nut assembly. Replace or repack the bearings, place the tab washer in, then thread the large hub nut on the stub. If you have installed new bearings, rotate the wheel when tightening – use your manual to get the right torque settings to apply to the nut. Put the locking washer into position, then install the two small screws. Always check & test for play after a couple of hundred kms. We’ve included the hub tool in the kit to make it easy to screw everything back up! So you can complete the conversion with just this kit, and a few tools from the shed.

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